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  • What Colors and Patterns will you carry?
    The 2 main colors we carry are blue and seal. The main patterns we carry are bicolor and mitted.
  • When can kittens go home?
    Our kittens will be rehomed no earlier than 12 weeks of age.
  • What is your pricing?
    Our typical price is $1800.
  • Do you sell breeding rights?
    We do not have any plans thus far in selling breeding rights. All kittens will be pet or show quality.
  • Is there a health guarantee?
    We work very hard to ensure your kitten is at peak health prior to leaving our care. The health record will include all deworming and core vaccinations done, and a final healthy kitten check by a licensed veterinarian. If a concern arises about your kittens health after taking her home, please contact us for advice and consultation for a go forward plan.
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